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org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle Class Reference

Data Structures

class  NavitLocationListener

Public Member Functions

native void VehicleCallback (int id, Location location)
native void VehicleCallback (int id, int satsInView, int satsUsed)
native void VehicleCallback (int id, int enabled)

Static Public Member Functions

static void removeListener ()

Static Public Attributes

static Location lastLocation = null

Package Functions

 NavitVehicle (Context context, int pcbid, int scbid, int fcbid)
 Creates a new. More...

Private Attributes

int vehicle_pcbid
int vehicle_scbid
int vehicle_fcbid
String preciseProvider
String fastProvider

Static Private Attributes

static final String GPS_FIX_CHANGE = "android.location.GPS_FIX_CHANGE"
static LocationManager sLocationManager = null
static Context context = null
static NavitLocationListener preciseLocationListener = null
static NavitLocationListener fastLocationListener = null

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.NavitVehicle ( Context  context,
int  pcbid,
int  scbid,
int  fcbid 

Creates a new.

pcbidThe address of the position callback function which will be called when a location update is received
scbidThe address of the status callback function which will be called when a status update is received
fcbidThe address of the fix callback function which will be called when a
is received, indicating a change in GPS fix status

References org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.context, org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.fastLocationListener, org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.fastProvider, org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.GPS_FIX_CHANGE, org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.preciseLocationListener, org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.preciseProvider, org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.sLocationManager, org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.vehicle_fcbid, org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.vehicle_pcbid, and org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.vehicle_scbid.

Member Function Documentation

native void org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.VehicleCallback ( int  id,
int  satsInView,
int  satsUsed 
native void org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.VehicleCallback ( int  id,
int  enabled 

Field Documentation

Context org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.context = null
String org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.fastProvider
final String org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.GPS_FIX_CHANGE = "android.location.GPS_FIX_CHANGE"
NavitLocationListener org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.preciseLocationListener = null
String org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.preciseProvider
LocationManager org.navitproject.navit.NavitVehicle.sLocationManager = null

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