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20 #ifndef NAVIT_GUI_H
21 #define NAVIT_GUI_H
23 #ifdef __cplusplus
24 extern "C" {
25 #endif
26 struct navit;
27 struct gui_priv;
28 struct menu_methods;
29 struct datawindow_methods;
30 struct callback;
31 struct graphics;
32 struct coord;
33 struct pcoord;
35 struct gui_methods {
36  struct menu_priv *(*menubar_new)(struct gui_priv *priv, struct menu_methods *meth);
37  struct menu_priv *(*popup_new)(struct gui_priv *priv, struct menu_methods *meth);
38  int (*set_graphics)(struct gui_priv *priv, struct graphics *gra);
39  int (*run_main_loop)(struct gui_priv *priv);
40  struct datawindow_priv *(*datawindow_new)(struct gui_priv *priv, const char *name, struct callback *click, struct callback *close, struct datawindow_methods *meth);
41  int (*add_bookmark)(struct gui_priv *priv, struct pcoord *c, char *description);
42  void (*disable_suspend)(struct gui_priv *priv);
43  int (*get_attr)(struct gui_priv *priv, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr);
44  int (*add_attr)(struct gui_priv *priv, struct attr *attr);
45  int (*set_attr)(struct gui_priv *priv, struct attr *attr);
46 };
49 /* prototypes */
50 enum attr_type;
51 struct attr;
52 struct attr_iter;
53 struct callback;
54 struct datawindow;
55 struct graphics;
56 struct gui;
57 struct menu;
58 struct pcoord;
59 struct gui *gui_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs);
60 int gui_get_attr(struct gui *this_, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr, struct attr_iter *iter);
61 int gui_set_attr(struct gui *this_, struct attr *attr);
62 int gui_add_attr(struct gui *this_, struct attr *attr);
63 struct menu *gui_menubar_new(struct gui *gui);
64 struct menu *gui_popup_new(struct gui *gui);
65 struct datawindow *gui_datawindow_new(struct gui *gui, const char *name, struct callback *click, struct callback *close);
66 int gui_add_bookmark(struct gui *gui, struct pcoord *c, char *description);
67 int gui_set_graphics(struct gui *this_, struct graphics *gra);
68 void gui_disable_suspend(struct gui *this_);
69 int gui_has_main_loop(struct gui *this_);
70 int gui_run_main_loop(struct gui *this_);
71 /* end of prototypes */
72 #ifdef __cplusplus
73 }
74 #endif
76 #endif
int gui_has_main_loop(struct gui *this_)
Definition: gui.c:158
struct menu * gui_popup_new(struct gui *gui)
Definition: gui.c:107
Definition: attr.h:34
int(* run_main_loop)(struct gui_priv *priv)
Definition: gui.h:39
int(* get_attr)(struct gui_priv *priv, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr)
Definition: gui.h:43
Definition: gpx2navit_txt.h:51
static char * description(struct search_param *search, GtkTreeIter *iter)
Definition: destination.c:70
Definition: data_window.h:27
int gui_run_main_loop(struct gui *this_)
Definition: gui.c:164
Definition: gui.c:30
int gui_add_attr(struct gui *this_, struct attr *attr)
Definition: gui.c:85
struct datawindow * gui_datawindow_new(struct gui *gui, const char *name, struct callback *click, struct callback *close)
Definition: gui.c:121
int(* add_attr)(struct gui_priv *priv, struct attr *attr)
Definition: gui.h:44
Definition: graphics_win32.h:52
int(* set_graphics)(struct gui_priv *priv, struct graphics *gra)
Definition: gui.h:38
int(* add_bookmark)(struct gui_priv *priv, struct pcoord *c, char *description)
Definition: gui.h:41
int gui_get_attr(struct gui *this_, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr, struct attr_iter *iter)
Definition: gui.c:61
graphics object A graphics object serves as the target for drawing operations. It encapsulates variou...
Definition: graphics.c:70
Definition: menu.h:33
Definition: config_.c:47
void(* disable_suspend)(struct gui_priv *priv)
Definition: gui.h:42
Definition: attr.h:156
Definition: datawindow.c:31
Definition: callback.c:26
struct attr ** attrs
Definition: gui.c:33
void gui_disable_suspend(struct gui *this_)
Definition: gui.c:153
Definition: data_window.h:33
int gui_set_graphics(struct gui *this_, struct graphics *gra)
Definition: gui.c:145
int gui_set_attr(struct gui *this_, struct attr *attr)
Definition: gui.c:76
struct gui * gui_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs)
Definition: gui.c:38
Definition: gui.h:35
int gui_add_bookmark(struct gui *gui, struct pcoord *c, char *description)
Definition: gui.c:134
typedef int(WINAPI *FP_SetStretchBltMode)(HDC dc
char type[3]
Definition: garmin_img.c:123
Definition: coord.h:34
char name[0]
Definition: street.c:496
struct menu * gui_menubar_new(struct gui *gui)
Definition: gui.c:93
Definition: navit.c:111
Definition: coord.h:40
Definition: menu.h:40
int(* set_attr)(struct gui_priv *priv, struct attr *attr)
Definition: gui.h:45
Definition: graphics_win32.h:46