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gui_methods Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

struct menu_priv *(* menubar_new )(struct gui_priv *priv, struct menu_methods *meth)
struct menu_priv *(* popup_new )(struct gui_priv *priv, struct menu_methods *meth)
int(* set_graphics )(struct gui_priv *priv, struct graphics *gra)
int(* run_main_loop )(struct gui_priv *priv)
struct datawindow_priv *(* datawindow_new )(struct gui_priv *priv, char *name, struct callback *click, struct callback *close, struct datawindow_methods *meth)
int(* add_bookmark )(struct gui_priv *priv, struct pcoord *c, char *description)
void(* disable_suspend )(struct gui_priv *priv)
int(* get_attr )(struct gui_priv *priv, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr)
int(* add_attr )(struct gui_priv *priv, struct attr *attr)
int(* set_attr )(struct gui_priv *priv, struct attr *attr)

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