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20 struct attr;
21 struct navit;
22 struct callback_list;
23 struct gui;
24 PLUGIN_FUNC1(draw, struct container *, co)
25 PLUGIN_FUNC3(popup, struct container *, map, struct popup *, p, struct popup_item **, list)
26 PLUGIN_CATEGORY(graphics, (struct navit *nav, struct graphics_methods *meth, struct attr **attrs, struct callback_list *cbl))
27 PLUGIN_CATEGORY(gui, (struct navit *nav, struct gui_methods *meth, struct attr **attrs, struct gui *gui))
28 PLUGIN_CATEGORY(map, (struct map_methods *meth, struct attr **attrs, struct callback_list *cbl))
29 PLUGIN_CATEGORY(osd, (struct navit *nav, struct osd_methods *meth, struct attr **attrs))
30 PLUGIN_CATEGORY(speech, (struct speech_methods *meth, struct attr **attrs, struct attr *parent))
31 PLUGIN_CATEGORY(vehicle, (struct vehicle_methods *meth, struct callback_list *cbl, struct attr **attrs))
32 PLUGIN_CATEGORY(event, (struct event_methods *meth))
33 PLUGIN_CATEGORY(font, (void *meth))
Definition: speech.c:28
unsigned char p[5]
Definition: mg.h:48
Definition: gpx2navit_txt.h:51
struct gui_methods meth
Definition: gui.c:31
struct callback_list * cbl
Definition: main.c:64
Definition: gui.c:30
Definition: vehicle.c:58
#define PLUGIN_FUNC3(name, t1, p1, t2, p2, t3, p3)
Definition: plugin.h:126
Definition: graphics.h:117
#define PLUGIN_CATEGORY(category, newargs)
Definition: plugin.h:134
Definition: event.h:37
graphics object A graphics object serves as the target for drawing operations. It encapsulates variou...
Definition: graphics.c:70
Holds all functions a map plugin has to implement to be usable.
Definition: map.h:79
Definition: speech.h:26
Definition: callback.c:36
Definition: osd.h:30
Definition: attr.h:156
struct attr ** attrs
Definition: gui.c:33
Holds information about a map.
Definition: map.c:60
Definition: osd.c:34
Definition: gui.h:35
#define PLUGIN_FUNC1(name, t1, p1)
Definition: plugin.h:122
Definition: navit.c:111
Definition: vehicle.h:30