navit  0.5.3-trunk
menu_data Struct Reference

#include <gui_internal_priv.h>

Data Fields

struct widgetsearch_list
struct widgetkeyboard
struct widgetbutton_bar
struct widgetmenu
int keyboard_mode
void(* redisplay )(struct gui_priv *priv, struct widget *widget, void *data)
struct widgetredisplay_widget
char * href
struct attr refresh_callback_obj refresh_callback

Field Documentation

◆ button_bar

struct widget* menu_data::button_bar

◆ href

◆ keyboard

◆ keyboard_mode

◆ menu

struct widget* menu_data::menu

◆ redisplay

void(* menu_data::redisplay) (struct gui_priv *priv, struct widget *widget, void *data)

◆ redisplay_widget

◆ refresh_callback

struct attr refresh_callback_obj menu_data::refresh_callback

◆ search_list

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