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widget Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

enum widget_type type
struct graphics_gcbackground
struct graphics_gctext_background
struct graphics_gcforeground_frame
struct graphics_gcforeground
char * text
struct graphics_imageimg
void(* func )(struct gui_priv *priv, struct widget *widget, void *data)
int reason
int datai
void * data
void(* data_free )(void *data)
 A function to deallocate data.
void(* free )(struct gui_priv *this_, struct widget *w)
 a function that will be called as the widget is being destroyed. This function can act as a destructor for the widget. It allows for on deallocation actions to be specified on a per widget basis. This function will call g_free on the widget (if required).
char * prefix
char * name
char * speech
char * command
struct pcoord c
struct item item
int selection_id
int state
struct point p
int wmin
int hmin
int w
int h
int textw
int texth
int font_idx
int bl
int br
int bt
int bb
int spx
int spy
int border
int packed
int cols
enum flags flags
int flags2
void * instance
int(* set_attr )(void *, struct attr *)
int(* get_attr )(void *, enum attr_type, struct attr *, struct attr_iter *)
void(* remove_cb )(void *, struct callback *cb)
struct callbackcb
struct attr on
struct attr off
int deflt
int is_on
int redraw
struct menu_datamenu_data
struct formform
struct widgetparent

Member Data Documentation

The number of widgets to layout horizontally when doing a orientation_horizontal_vertical layout

void(* widget::func)(struct gui_priv *priv, struct widget *widget, void *data)

A function to be invoked on actions.

  • widget The widget that is receiving the button press.

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