navit  0.5.3-trunk
tracking Struct Reference

Data Fields

NAVIT_OBJECT struct callback_listcallback_list
struct mapsetms
struct routert
struct mapmap
struct vehiclevehicle
struct vehicleprofilevehicleprofile
struct coord last_updated
struct tracking_linelines
struct tracking_linecurr_line
int pos
struct coord curr [2]
struct coord curr_in
struct coord curr_out
int curr_angle
struct coord last [2]
struct coord last_in
struct coord last_out
struct cdf_data cdf
struct attrattr
int valid
int time
double direction
double direction_matched
double speed
int coord_geo_valid
struct coord_geo coord_geo
enum projection pro
int street_direction
int no_gps
int tunnel
int angle_pref
int connected_pref
int nostop_pref
int offroad_limit_pref
int route_pref
int overspeed_pref
int overspeed_percent_pref
int tunnel_extrapolation

Field Documentation

◆ angle_pref

int tracking::angle_pref

◆ attr

struct attr* tracking::attr

◆ callback_list

◆ cdf

struct cdf_data tracking::cdf

◆ connected_pref

int tracking::connected_pref

◆ coord_geo

struct coord_geo tracking::coord_geo

Referenced by tracking_get_attr().

◆ coord_geo_valid

int tracking::coord_geo_valid

◆ curr

struct coord tracking::curr[2]

Referenced by tracking_update().

◆ curr_angle

◆ curr_in

struct coord tracking::curr_in

◆ curr_line

◆ curr_out

struct coord tracking::curr_out

◆ direction

double tracking::direction

◆ direction_matched

double tracking::direction_matched

◆ last

struct coord tracking::last[2]

Referenced by tracking_update(), and tracking_value().

◆ last_in

struct coord tracking::last_in

Referenced by tracking_update().

◆ last_out

struct coord tracking::last_out

Referenced by tracking_update(), and tracking_value().

◆ last_updated

struct coord tracking::last_updated

Referenced by tracking_update().

◆ lines

◆ map

struct map* tracking::map

Referenced by tracking_get_map().

◆ ms

struct mapset* tracking::ms

Referenced by tracking_doupdate_lines().

◆ no_gps

int tracking::no_gps

Referenced by tracking_update(), and tracking_value().

◆ nostop_pref

int tracking::nostop_pref

◆ offroad_limit_pref

int tracking::offroad_limit_pref

◆ overspeed_percent_pref

int tracking::overspeed_percent_pref

◆ overspeed_pref

int tracking::overspeed_pref

◆ pos

int tracking::pos

◆ pro

enum projection tracking::pro

◆ route_pref

int tracking::route_pref

◆ rt

struct route* tracking::rt

Referenced by tracking_value().

◆ speed

double tracking::speed

◆ street_direction

int tracking::street_direction

◆ time

int tracking::time

Referenced by tracking_update().

◆ tunnel

int tracking::tunnel

Referenced by tracking_update().

◆ tunnel_extrapolation

int tracking::tunnel_extrapolation

◆ valid

int tracking::valid

◆ vehicle

struct vehicle* tracking::vehicle

Referenced by tracking_update().

◆ vehicleprofile

struct vehicleprofile* tracking::vehicleprofile

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