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route Struct Reference

A complete route. More...

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Public Attributes

struct mapsetms
unsigned flags
struct route_infopos
struct route_infocurrent_dst
struct route_graphgraph
struct route_pathpath2
struct mapmap
struct mapgraph_map
struct callbackroute_graph_done_cb
struct callbackroute_graph_flood_done_cb
struct callback_listcbl2
int destination_distance
struct vehicleprofilevehicleprofile
int route_status
int link_path
struct pcoord pc
struct vehiclev

Detailed Description

A complete route.

This struct holds all information about a route.

Member Data Documentation

Callback list to call when route changes

Current destination

Distance to the destination at which the destination is considered "reached"

Destinations of the route

Pointer to the route graph

Link paths over multiple waypoints together

struct mapset* route::ms

The mapset this route is built upon

Pointer to the route path

Current position within this route

Callback when route graph is done

Callback when route graph flooding is done

Route Status

Routing preferences

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