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route Struct Reference

A complete route. More...

Data Fields

NAVIT_OBJECT struct mapsetms
enum route_path_flags flags
struct route_infopos
int reached_destinations_count
struct route_infocurrent_dst
struct route_graphgraph
struct route_pathpath2
struct mapmap
struct mapgraph_map
struct callbackroute_graph_done_cb
struct callbackroute_graph_flood_done_cb
struct callback_listcbl2
int destination_distance
struct vehicleprofilevehicleprofile
int route_status
int link_path
struct pcoord pc
struct vehiclev

Detailed Description

A complete route.

This struct holds all information about a route.

Field Documentation

struct callback_list* route::cbl2

Callback list to call when route changes

Referenced by route_add_attr(), route_dup(), route_remove_attr(), and route_set_attr().

struct route_info* route::current_dst

Current destination

int route::destination_distance

Distance to the destination at which the destination is considered "reached"

Referenced by route_dup().

GList* route::destinations

Destinations of the route

Referenced by rm_attr_get(), rm_get_item(), route_clear_destinations(), and route_get_attr().

enum route_path_flags route::flags

Referenced by route_dup(), and route_get_flags().

struct route_graph* route::graph

Pointer to the route graph

Referenced by route_destroy(), route_has_graph(), rp_get_item(), and rp_rect_new().

struct map* route::graph_map

The map containing the route graph

Referenced by route_destroy(), and route_get_graph_map().

int route::link_path

Link paths over multiple waypoints together

struct map* route::map

The map containing the route path

Referenced by route_destroy(), and route_get_map().

NAVIT_OBJECT struct mapset* route::ms

The mapset this route is built upon

Referenced by route_dup().

struct route_path* route::path2

Pointer to the route path

Referenced by rm_rect_new(), route_destroy(), and route_get_attr().

struct pcoord route::pc

Referenced by route_get_attr().

struct route_info* route::pos

Current position within this route

Referenced by rm_coord_get(), rm_get_item(), route_destroy(), and route_projection().

int route::reached_destinations_count

Used as base to calculate waypoint numbers

Referenced by rm_attr_get().

struct callback* route::route_graph_done_cb

Callback when route graph is done

struct callback* route::route_graph_flood_done_cb

Callback when route graph flooding is done

int route::route_status

Route Status

Referenced by rm_rect_destroy(), route_get_attr(), and route_set_attr().

struct vehicle* route::v
struct vehicleprofile* route::vehicleprofile

Routing preferences

Referenced by rm_attr_get(), route_dup(), route_get_attr(), and rp_attr_get().

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