navit  0.5.3-trunk

#include <vehicle_qt5.h>

Data Fields

struct callback_listcbl
struct coord_geo geo
double speed
double direction
double height
double radius
int fix_type
time_t fix_time
char fixiso8601 [128]
int sats
int sats_used
int valid
struct attr ** attrs
struct callbackpcb
struct callbackscb
struct callbackfcb
jclass NavitVehicleClass
jobject NavitVehicle
jclass LocationClass
jmethodID Location_getLatitude
jmethodID Location_getLongitude
jmethodID Location_getSpeed
jmethodID Location_getBearing
jmethodID Location_getAltitude
jmethodID Location_getTime
jmethodID Location_getAccuracy
int interval
int position_set
struct navitnavit
struct routeroute
struct coord last
double config_speed
struct callbacktimer_callback
struct event_timeouttimer
char * timep
char * nmea
enum attr_position_valid valid
char * source
int fd
struct callbackcb
struct callbackcbt
struct callbackcb_fix_timeout
char * buffer
int buffer_pos
char * nmea_data
char * nmea_data_buf
double hdop
double vdop
char fixtime [20]
int fixyear
int fixmonth
int fixday
int status
int sats_visible
int sats_signal
int time
int on_eof
enum file_type file_type
FILE * file
struct event_watchwatch
struct event_timeoutev_fix_timeout
speed_t baudrate
int checksum_ignore
int magnetic_direction
int current_count
struct gps_sat current [24]
int next_count
struct gps_sat next [24]
struct item sat_item
char * statefile
int process_statefile
char * gpsd_query
struct event_watchevwatch
guint retry_interval
struct gps_data_t * gps
struct event_timeoutretry_timer2
char * address
int flags
DBusConnection * connection
double time
double track
double altitude
GypsyControl * control
GypsyPosition * position
GypsyDevice * device
GypsyCourse * course
GypsySatellite * satellite
char * path
guint retry_timer
int have_cords
char str_time [200]
LocationGPSDControl * control
LocationGPSDevice * device
int have_coords
QGeoPositionInfoSource * source
QGeoSatelliteInfoSource * satellites
char * spp_address
int gps_type
int pdk_version
int spp_instance_id
int delta
struct callbackevent_cb
struct callbacktimeout_cb
struct event_timeoutev_timeout
struct callback_listpriv_cbl
int is_running
int thread_up
DWORD m_dwGPSThread
char * read_buffer
int read_buffer_pos
int baudrate
PFN_BthSetMode BthSetMode
int has_data
GMutex lock

Field Documentation

◆ delta

◆ ev_timeout

struct event_timeout* vehicle_priv::ev_timeout

◆ event_cb

struct callback* vehicle_priv::event_cb

◆ fcb

struct callback* vehicle_priv::fcb

The callback function for fix status updates

Referenced by vehicle_android_init(), and vehicle_android_new_android().

◆ gps_type

◆ Location_getAccuracy

jmethodID vehicle_priv::Location_getAccuracy

◆ Location_getAltitude

jmethodID vehicle_priv::Location_getAltitude

◆ Location_getBearing

jmethodID vehicle_priv::Location_getBearing

◆ Location_getLatitude

jmethodID vehicle_priv::Location_getLatitude

◆ Location_getLongitude

jmethodID vehicle_priv::Location_getLongitude

◆ Location_getSpeed

jmethodID vehicle_priv::Location_getSpeed

◆ Location_getTime

jmethodID vehicle_priv::Location_getTime

◆ LocationClass

jclass vehicle_priv::LocationClass




Referenced by vehicle_android_init().

◆ NavitVehicle

jobject vehicle_priv::NavitVehicle

An instance of

Referenced by vehicle_android_init().

◆ NavitVehicleClass

jclass vehicle_priv::NavitVehicleClass



Referenced by vehicle_android_init().

◆ nmea

char* vehicle_priv::nmea

◆ pcb

struct callback* vehicle_priv::pcb

The callback function for position updates

Referenced by vehicle_android_init(), and vehicle_android_new_android().

◆ pdk_version

int vehicle_priv::pdk_version

◆ receiver

QNavitGeoReceiver* vehicle_priv::receiver

◆ route

struct route* vehicle_priv::route

◆ satellites

QGeoSatelliteInfoSource* vehicle_priv::satellites

◆ scb

struct callback* vehicle_priv::scb

The callback function for status updates

Referenced by vehicle_android_init(), and vehicle_android_new_android().

◆ source

QGeoPositionInfoSource* vehicle_priv::source

◆ spp_address

char* vehicle_priv::spp_address

◆ spp_instance_id

◆ timeout_cb

◆ timep

char* vehicle_priv::timep

◆ valid

enum attr_position_valid vehicle_priv::valid

Whether the vehicle has valid position data

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