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20 #ifndef NAVIT_NAVIT_H
21 #define NAVIT_NAVIT_H
23 #ifdef __cplusplus
24 extern "C" {
25 #endif
26 extern struct gui *main_loop_gui;
27 // defined in glib.h.
28 #ifndef __G_LIST_H__
29 struct _GList;
30 typedef struct _GList GList;
31 #endif
33 /* prototypes */
34 enum attr_type;
35 struct attr;
36 struct attr_iter;
37 struct callback;
38 struct coord_rect;
39 struct displaylist;
40 struct graphics;
41 struct gui;
42 struct mapset;
43 struct message;
44 struct navigation;
45 struct navit;
46 struct pcoord;
47 struct point;
48 struct route;
49 struct tracking;
50 struct transformation;
51 struct vehicleprofile;
52 struct command_table;
53 struct item;
54 void navit_add_mapset(struct navit *this_, struct mapset *ms);
55 struct mapset *navit_get_mapset(struct navit *this_);
56 struct tracking *navit_get_tracking(struct navit *this_);
57 char *navit_get_user_data_directory(int create);
58 void navit_draw_async(struct navit *this_, int async);
59 void navit_draw(struct navit *this_);
60 int navit_get_ready(struct navit *this_);
61 void navit_draw_displaylist(struct navit *this_);
62 void navit_handle_resize(struct navit *this_, int w, int h);
63 int navit_get_width(struct navit *this_);
64 int navit_get_height(struct navit *this_);
65 int navit_ignore_button(struct navit *this_);
66 void navit_ignore_graphics_events(struct navit *this_, int ignore);
67 void navit_set_timeout(struct navit *this_);
68 int navit_handle_button(struct navit *this_, int pressed, int button, struct point *p, struct callback *popup_callback);
69 void navit_handle_motion(struct navit *this_, struct point *p);
70 void navit_zoom_in(struct navit *this_, int factor, struct point *p);
71 void navit_zoom_out(struct navit *this_, int factor, struct point *p);
72 void navit_zoom_in_cursor(struct navit *this_, int factor);
73 void navit_zoom_out_cursor(struct navit *this_, int factor);
74 struct navit *navit_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs);
75 void navit_add_message(struct navit *this_, const char *message);
76 struct message *navit_get_messages(struct navit *this_);
77 struct graphics *navit_get_graphics(struct navit *this_);
78 struct vehicleprofile *navit_get_vehicleprofile(struct navit *this_);
79 GList *navit_get_vehicleprofiles(struct navit *this_);
80 void navit_set_destination(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *c, const char *description, int async);
81 void navit_set_destinations(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *c, int count, const char *description, int async);
82 void navit_add_destination_description(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *c, const char *description);
83 int navit_get_destinations(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *pc, int count);
84 int navit_get_destination_count(struct navit *this_);
85 char* navit_get_destination_description(struct navit *this_, int n);
86 void navit_remove_nth_waypoint(struct navit *this_, int n);
87 void navit_remove_waypoint(struct navit *this_);
88 char* navit_get_coord_description(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *c);
89 int navit_check_route(struct navit *this_);
91 void navit_textfile_debug_log(struct navit *this_, const char *fmt, ...);
92 void navit_textfile_debug_log_at(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *pc, const char *fmt, ...);
93 int navit_speech_estimate(struct navit *this_, char *str);
94 void navit_say(struct navit *this_, const char *text);
95 void navit_speak(struct navit *this_);
96 void navit_window_roadbook_destroy(struct navit *this_);
97 void navit_window_roadbook_new(struct navit *this_);
98 void navit_init(struct navit *this_);
99 void navit_zoom_to_rect(struct navit *this_, struct coord_rect *r);
100 void navit_zoom_to_route(struct navit *this_, int orientation);
101 void navit_set_center(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *center, int set_timeout);
102 void navit_set_center_cursor(struct navit *this_, int autozoom, int keep_orientation);
103 void navit_set_center_screen(struct navit *this_, struct point *p, int set_timeout);
104 int navit_set_attr(struct navit *this_, struct attr *attr);
105 int navit_get_attr(struct navit *this_, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr, struct attr_iter *iter);
106 int navit_add_attr(struct navit *this_, struct attr *attr);
107 int navit_remove_attr(struct navit *this_, struct attr *attr);
108 struct attr_iter *navit_attr_iter_new(void);
110 void navit_add_callback(struct navit *this_, struct callback *cb);
111 void navit_remove_callback(struct navit *this_, struct callback *cb);
112 void navit_set_position(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *c);
113 struct gui *navit_get_gui(struct navit *this_);
114 struct transformation *navit_get_trans(struct navit *this_);
115 struct route *navit_get_route(struct navit *this_);
116 struct navigation *navit_get_navigation(struct navit *this_);
117 struct displaylist *navit_get_displaylist(struct navit *this_);
118 void navit_layout_switch(struct navit *n);
119 int navit_set_vehicle_by_name(struct navit *n, const char *name);
120 int navit_set_vehicleprofile_name(struct navit *this_, char *name);
121 int navit_set_layout_by_name(struct navit *n, const char *name);
122 void navit_disable_suspend(void);
123 int navit_block(struct navit *this_, int block);
124 int navit_get_blocked(struct navit *this_);
125 void navit_destroy(struct navit *this_);
126 void navit_command_add_table(struct navit*this_, struct command_table *commands, int count);
127 struct navit * navit_ref(struct navit *this_);
128 void navit_unref(struct navit *this_);
129 /* end of prototypes */
130 #ifdef __cplusplus
131 }
132 #endif
134 #endif
int orientation
Definition: pedestrian.c:61
Definition: navigation.c:161
Definition: attr.h:34
void navit_handle_motion(struct navit *this_, struct point *p)
Definition: navit.c:536
void navit_command_add_table(struct navit *this_, struct command_table *commands, int count)
Definition: navit.c:1319
Definition: messages.h:25
unsigned char p[5]
Definition: mg.h:48
void navit_set_center_screen(struct navit *this_, struct point *p, int set_timeout)
Definition: navit.c:2330
Definition: gpx2navit_txt.h:51
static char * description(struct search_param *search, GtkTreeIter *iter)
Definition: destination.c:70
int navit_get_attr(struct navit *this_, enum attr_type type, struct attr *attr, struct attr_iter *iter)
Definition: navit.c:2561
void navit_add_destination_description(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *c, const char *description)
Definition: navit.c:1526
struct route * navit_get_route(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:3191
int navit_get_width(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:348
struct graphics * navit_get_graphics(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:1424
Definition: item.h:99
void navit_attr_iter_destroy(struct attr_iter *iter)
Definition: navit.c:2877
void navit_draw_displaylist(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:275
A mapset.
Definition: mapset.c:44
int navit_add_attr(struct navit *this_, struct attr *attr)
Definition: navit.c:2794
void navit_zoom_out(struct navit *this_, int factor, struct point *p)
Definition: navit.c:674
Definition: gui.c:30
void navit_speak(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:1779
struct gui * navit_get_gui(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:3181
int navit_get_destinations(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *pc, int count)
Definition: navit.c:1567
Definition: vehicleprofile.h:33
void navit_add_mapset(struct navit *this_, struct mapset *ms)
Definition: navit.c:210
int navit_get_height(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:353
Definition: track.c:84
int navit_set_layout_by_name(struct navit *n, const char *name)
Definition: navit.c:3371
int navit_set_vehicleprofile_name(struct navit *this_, char *name)
Definition: navit.c:3096
void navit_ignore_graphics_events(struct navit *this_, int ignore)
Definition: navit.c:386
struct tracking * navit_get_tracking(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:225
void navit_set_timeout(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:424
struct navit * navit_new(struct attr *parent, struct attr **attrs)
Definition: navit.c:1324
void navit_set_position(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *c)
Definition: navit.c:3078
struct mapset * navit_get_mapset(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:215
void navit_zoom_out_cursor(struct navit *this_, int factor)
Definition: navit.c:691
GList * navit_get_vehicleprofiles(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:1433
void navit_disable_suspend(void)
Definition: navit.c:3403
void navit_set_center_cursor(struct navit *this_, int autozoom, int keep_orientation)
Recalculates the map view so that the vehicle cursor is visible.
Definition: navit.c:2290
A complete route.
Definition: route.c:243
int navit_check_route(struct navit *this_)
Checks if a route is calculated.
Definition: navit.c:1614
void navit_say(struct navit *this_, const char *text)
Definition: navit.c:1740
void navit_zoom_in(struct navit *this_, int factor, struct point *p)
Definition: navit.c:656
void navit_init(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:1926
struct tcoord center
Definition: garmin_img.c:485
void navit_set_destination(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *c, const char *description, int async)
Definition: navit.c:1470
graphics object A graphics object serves as the target for drawing operations. It encapsulates variou...
Definition: graphics.c:70
void navit_window_roadbook_new(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:1914
Definition: config_.c:47
int navit_get_destination_count(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:1574
int navit_handle_button(struct navit *this_, int pressed, int button, struct point *p, struct callback *popup_callback)
Definition: navit.c:431
void navit_handle_resize(struct navit *this_, int w, int h)
Definition: navit.c:324
void navit_draw_async(struct navit *this_, int async)
Definition: navit.c:253
void navit_window_roadbook_destroy(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:1907
struct map * read_former_destinations_from_file(void)
Definition: navit.c:1640
Definition: attr.h:156
void navit_zoom_in_cursor(struct navit *this_, int factor)
Definition: navit.c:682
int navit_ignore_button(struct navit *this_)
Sets a flag indicating that the current button event should be ignored by subsequent handlers...
Definition: navit.c:379
struct navigation * navit_get_navigation(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:3196
int navit_block(struct navit *this_, int block)
Blocks or unblocks redraw operations.
Definition: navit.c:3426
struct gui * main_loop_gui
Definition: navit.c:183
int navit_set_vehicle_by_name(struct navit *n, const char *name)
Definition: navit.c:3349
Definition: mg.h:33
void navit_add_message(struct navit *this_, const char *message)
Definition: navit.c:1399
Definition: callback.c:26
void navit_remove_callback(struct navit *this_, struct callback *cb)
Definition: navit.c:2885
void navit_remove_nth_waypoint(struct navit *this_, int n)
Definition: navit.c:1586
void navit_set_destinations(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *c, int count, const char *description, int async)
Definition: navit.c:1546
void navit_destroy(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:3449
struct transformation * navit_get_trans(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:3186
Definition: point.h:23
struct attr_iter * navit_attr_iter_new(void)
Definition: navit.c:2873
Holds information about a map.
Definition: map.c:60
void navit_textfile_debug_log_at(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *pc, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: navit.c:1726
int navit_set_attr(struct navit *this_, struct attr *attr)
Definition: navit.c:2557
struct vehicleprofile * navit_get_vehicleprofile(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:1429
void navit_remove_waypoint(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:1596
int navit_get_blocked(struct navit *this_)
Returns whether redraw operations are currently blocked.
Definition: navit.c:3445
void navit_set_center(struct navit *this_, struct pcoord *center, int set_timeout)
Definition: navit.c:2137
Definition: graphics.c:113
char * navit_get_user_data_directory(int create)
Get the user data directory.
Definition: navit.c:239
struct message * navit_get_messages(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:1404
void navit_layout_switch(struct navit *n)
Definition: navit.c:3206
Definition: coord.h:46
char type[3]
Definition: garmin_img.c:123
void navit_draw(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:264
char name[0]
Definition: street.c:496
Definition: navit.c:111
Definition: coord.h:40
Definition: command.h:27
static struct command_table commands[]
Definition: binding_dbus.c:2012
struct displaylist * navit_get_displaylist(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:3201
void navit_add_callback(struct navit *this_, struct callback *cb)
Definition: navit.c:2881
int navit_remove_attr(struct navit *this_, struct attr *attr)
Definition: navit.c:2856
void * iter
Definition: config_.c:48
void navit_zoom_to_route(struct navit *this_, int orientation)
Definition: navit.c:2089
The parameters needed to transform a map for display.
Definition: transform.c:64
void navit_textfile_debug_log(struct navit *this_, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: navit.c:1711
void navit_zoom_to_rect(struct navit *this_, struct coord_rect *r)
Definition: navit.c:2060
int navit_get_ready(struct navit *this_)
Definition: navit.c:269
char * navit_get_destination_description(struct navit *this_, int n)
Definition: navit.c:1580