navit  0.5.3-trunk
navigation Struct Reference

Data Fields

NAVIT_OBJECT struct routeroute
struct mapmap
struct item_hashhash
struct vehicleprofilevehicleprofile
struct navigation_itmfirst
struct navigation_itmlast
struct navigation_commandcmd_first
struct navigation_commandcmd_last
struct callback_listcallback_speech
struct callback_listcallback
struct navitnavit
struct speechspeech
int level_last
struct item item_last
int turn_around
int turn_around_limit
int distance_turn
struct callbackroute_cb
int announce [route_item_last-route_item_first+1][3]
int tell_street_name
int delay
int curr_delay
int turn_around_count
int flags
struct map_rectroute_mr
enum nav_status_int status_int
struct callbackidle_cb
struct event_idleidle_ev
int nav_status

Field Documentation

◆ announce

◆ callback

◆ callback_speech

◆ cmd_first

◆ cmd_last

struct navigation_command* navigation::cmd_last

Referenced by command_new(), and make_maneuvers().

◆ curr_delay

int navigation::curr_delay

◆ delay

int navigation::delay

◆ distance_turn

int navigation::distance_turn

◆ first

◆ flags

int navigation::flags

Referenced by navigation_new().

◆ hash

◆ idle_cb

struct callback* navigation::idle_cb

Idle callback to process the route map

Referenced by navigation_update(), and navigation_update_done().

◆ idle_ev

struct event_idle* navigation::idle_ev

The pointer to the idle event

Referenced by navigation_update(), and navigation_update_done().

◆ item_last

struct item navigation::item_last

◆ last

◆ level_last

int navigation::level_last

◆ map

struct map* navigation::map

◆ nav_status

int navigation::nav_status

Status of the navigation engine

Referenced by navigation_get_attr(), navigation_set_attr(), and navigation_update().

◆ navit

struct navit* navigation::navit

Referenced by get_distance_str(), and navigation_new().

◆ route

◆ route_cb

struct callback* navigation::route_cb

Referenced by navigation_set_route().

◆ route_mr

struct map_rect* navigation::route_mr

Map rect on the route map, used for maneuver generation

Referenced by navigation_new(), navigation_update(), navigation_update_done(), and navigation_update_idle().

◆ speech

struct speech* navigation::speech

◆ status_int

enum nav_status_int navigation::status_int

Internal status information used during maneuver generation

Referenced by navigation_update(), navigation_update_done(), and navigation_update_idle().

◆ tell_street_name

int navigation::tell_street_name

Referenced by navigation_new().

◆ turn_around

int navigation::turn_around

◆ turn_around_count

int navigation::turn_around_count

◆ turn_around_limit

int navigation::turn_around_limit

◆ vehicleprofile

struct vehicleprofile* navigation::vehicleprofile

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