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map_download Struct Reference

Data Fields

int state
struct map_privm
struct map_rect_privmr
struct filehttp
struct filefile
int zipfile
int toffset
int tlength
int progress
int read
int dl_size
long long offset
long long start_offset
long long cd1offset
long long size
struct zip64_eoczip64_eoc
struct zip64_eoclzip64_eocl
struct zip_eoczip_eoc
struct zip_cdcd_copy
struct zip_cdcd

Field Documentation

struct zip_cd * map_download::cd
long long map_download::cd1offset

Referenced by download_initial_finish().

struct zip_cd* map_download::cd_copy
int map_download::dl_size
struct map_rect_priv* map_download::mr

Referenced by download().

int map_download::progress

Referenced by download(), and download_download().

int map_download::read

Referenced by download_download().

long long map_download::size
long long map_download::start_offset

Referenced by download_finish(), and download_start().

int map_download::state

Referenced by download().

int map_download::tlength

Referenced by download().

int map_download::toffset

Referenced by download().

struct zip64_eoc* map_download::zip64_eoc
struct zip64_eocl* map_download::zip64_eocl
struct zip_eoc* map_download::zip_eoc
int map_download::zipfile

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